New News Is News To Me

In 2007 the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press created a poll to find out who was the journalist they Americans most admired, John Stewart (the host of a fake news show) was able to tie top journalist such as Anderson Cooper and Tom Brokaw.  The Nelsien ratings show that the television ratings for the “Daily Show” is somewhere between 1.45 to 1.6 million viewers nightly. What makes this so alarming is that the “Daily Show” is viewed as fake news. 1.45 To 1.6 million viewers nightly. The Pew Research Center reported that regular viewers of The Daily Show tend to be more knowledgeable about news than audiences of other news sources. For example 54% of The Daily Show viewers scored in the high knowledge range while viewers “O’Reilly Factor” program at 51%.


From my personal observation of the “Daily Show” it’s run like any other news program. The news that is reported is unbiased and the comments that are made are objective. It’s easy to see why people choose to get their news from this show. The show always has an elected official or celebrity as an elected official followed by an interview.  What makes the enjoyable is that its more relax than the evening news and it pokes fun at the news. I when I watch other news program I feel like they are talking at me and sometimes I get the impression that majority of the newscasters and reporters feel superior to the viewers.  John Stewart posses the ability to inform his viewers and keep them engaged by relating to them.



Here is a video of John Stewart on the O’Reilly Factor discussing the basis/importance of his show and the influence he has over his viewers.  



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Sly Fox 2

In David Carr’s July 7th 2008 article he writes about Fox News becoming the victim of the media. Anybody who views Fox News knows that the new they report is more subjective than objective. Even though this is known about the news network, Fox News still defends its employees no matter how twisted their story and commentary is.  David Carr even mentions in the beginning of the article that he anticipates an attack from Fox News for writing an article on them.


I think it is real hypocritical for Fox News to feel like a victim when the media attacks. The head of the public relations department of Fox News Brian Lewis is quoted as saying “We are the biggest target in the industry and we accept that, we embrace the controversy”.  Nobody would have anything to say about Fox News if they didn’t drag people name through the mud. On the O’Reilly, Bill O’Reilly always takes a shot at rapper Snoop Dog anytime Snoop is in the news. So why O’Reilly would get mad if Snoop say his name in a rap song.


Go to YouTube and type Fox News and you’ll see how they report News. I have a hard time feeling sorry for Bill O’Reilly and Hannity & Colmes, when I watch them on television I can’t help but think that these guys are racist and ignorant.  It’s very retarded for a person to talk sideways about another person and get mad when it comes back to you.

The News that Fox reports is shady and so is their business practices. In the article a reporter was black listed because he reported that Fox’s Gerald Rivera had lied about being at the site where a friendly fire was reported in Afghanistan. .


I really feel fox doesn’t have any type of integrity, but this is no different from other companies in the media who uses their weight to “flex” on people.  Many radio stations will black list an artist and their record label if speak out publically on their shady business practices. For example the rapper Buckshot said in an interview that he was blacklisted by Hot 97 because he spoke out against their program director at the time.

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Me-Me-Media Misleading ya




Better watch, cause they’re watching
Watch what you’re watching (c) Nas


            Fox News has been using Hip-Hop as the reason for all the problems of the world. When they report on topics such as no snitching to Don Imus calling the Rutgers women basketball team nappy-headed ho, Hip-Hop has always been used as a scapegoat. In 2002 when Bill O’Reilly tried to get Americans to boycott Pepsi because they signed a rapper named Ludacris to endorse their soda. O’Reilly felt Ludacris promoted in his lyrics violence, drugs and disrespect of women. The beef took a turn for the worst when after the Virginia Tech massacre the students decided to hold a free concert for the returning students. When rapper Nas was added to the lineup for the concert Fox News immediately took the opportunity to take shots at the students’ decision claiming Nas lyrics were violent. To support this negative label put on Nas Fox News to chose to feature a Nas song which he raps “shoot ’em up, just shoot ’em up, what…kill kill kill, murder murder murder”. Out of the all songs Nas has recorded Fox decided to go with that song. I’m sure Fox News knew about “Black Girl Lost” when he tells women to value themselves and not to use sex as a tool to get what they want or “Yes I Can” when he tells children to stay in school. Just go through his discography Nas his one the few artists today who appeals to adults, students and stick-up kids on the ave.


            Fast forward to 2008 Nas releases his ninth album “ Untitled” which was suppose to be called “Nigger” but the his record company did not want to put it out. On the album Nas has a song called “Sly Fox”. In the song he refers to Fox News as “visual cancer” and points out that the news that Fox is reported is bias instead of objective news. The video for “Sly Fox” depicted black teenagers smashing a computer and television similar to the scene from “Office Space”. Just read the lyrics below and you’ll see Fox woke up a sleeping giant.


“Watch what you watchin’
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking
Outside of the box and
Unplug from The Matrix doctrine
But wat ch what you say Fox 5 is watchin’They say I’m all about murder-murder and kill-kill
But what about Grindhouse and Kill Bill?
What about Cheney and Halliburton? (Halliburton?)
The backdoor deals
On oil fields
How’s NaS the most violent person?
Ya’ll don’t know talent if it hit you
Bringin’ up my criminal possession charges with a pistol (pistol)
I use Viacom
As my firearm
And let the lyrics split you
Who do you rely upon?
They shoot shells at Leviathan
I’m dealing with the higher form
Fuck if you care how I write a poem?
Only Fox that I love was the red one
Only black man that Fox loves is in jail or a dead one!”



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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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